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It's time to vote!

Voting packs have been coming to mailboxes between 16-21 September 2022. If you haven't received yours yet then get in touch with your local Electoral Officer.

The pack includes a candidate information booklet with all the profile information and a voting form to fill in using two voting systems, and an envelope to send it in.

The Hamilton City Council election is using the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system, where you rank the candidates you want using numbers.

The Waikato Regional Council election is using the First Past the Post (FPP) system, where you tick the candidates you want.

The next key date is the 8th of October 2022 when voting closes on mid-day. Please remember to send your voting form in well before this date or find a ballot box. It's over to you!


Everyone is asking "How's the Campaign going?"

My re-election campaign is well underway and consists of going to some candidate events, filling in profile questionnaires online, some signage (mix of coreflute and eco-KatzBoard), social media, flyers (which serve a dual purpose by including information on what each Council does), and some digital & print newspaper advertising.

I've revamped my campaign website with new branding and information of what I'm into. It's also got some details on my background and achievements, my vision, these updates, and ways to help with the campaign, or just get in touch.

All support, verbal or otherwise, is so appreciated!

Thank you! Danke! Ngaa mihi nui!

How to decide who else to vote for?

There are 6 candidates standing for 4 Hamilton seats on Waikato Regional Council.

If you're not sure of who to vote for yet you can check out the profiles on the candidates section on the WRC website or the WRC section on Policy NZ or Election Watch, or pro-rail list, or Vote Climate, google people, or head along to one of the Hamilton events.

I also want awesome people on Hamilton City Council to collaborate with for the wellbeing of our beautiful city, so please select carefully by only voting for the Mayor and Councillor candidates that you want by checking out their profiles on the HCC election website or other places like Policy NZ, or Election Watch, or the survey by Matthew Beverage, or pro-rail list, or Vote Climate, google people, or go to a Hamilton event.

Please remember that voting for HCC is by STV and voting for WRC is by FPP.

Since STV is the new system, learn how it works through this article by the Spinoff.

And just in case you didn't receive one in your mailbox, here is my flyer...

I'm hoping the bullet point list will be a helpful reminder on what each Council does.


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