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A region that's thriving in a rapidly changing environment

In order to achieve this, let's have:

Happy Children

Effective collaboration

What is it all for, if not to make progress together?  Vibrant communities are those where we take care of each other and have diversity to be interesting, innovative and resilient.  I am committed to putting systems in place to help Councillors and staff bring their best selves to work so we can make progress. 

Hiking Boots

Honouring of environmental limits

We need to protect and enhance our waterways, soil, forests, coasts and air to allow them to recover from the pressure we've put on.  A healthy environment is the backbone to any future we or our children may want - so let's give it to them.  I support climate action and finding ways to live within planetary boundaries.


A resilient economy by design 

Leading with values, we need to respect people and nature to do their thing.  The future is full of challenges and we need well functioning government and engaged citizens to guide us through and have the economy work for us.  I'll encourage modern ways of engaging with the community, business, and voices often not heard.  

I envisage Hamilton and the wider region to be a place where:

  • We place more value on quality (wellbeing) than quantity (growth)

  • Local and central government work together to reduce the cost of living and 

  • Housing is innovatively addressed so no one is cold at night and many foods are grown locally or nearby

  • Residents live in a well-designed network of hubs that offer the necessities within 15 minutes walk from home

  • Basic activities are inclusively accessible to all ages, cultures and abilities.
  • The public transport system is so safe and efficient that there is no need to own a car
  • Investment into restoring nature and biodiversity brings a sense of pride

  • For-purpose businesses of all types choose our city and region as their home and they collaborate on moving to a circular economy and tackling our biggest challenges (inequality, biodiversity loss and climate change)
  • Communities are connected to local energy grids and the region exports renewable energy

It's all for the benefit of the community, so I want to hear from you about your priorities and ideas so I can incorporate this into my thinking.  

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