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I'm standing for re-election

Over the past 3 years I've brought fresh energy and thinking to Regional Council.

It's been a unique experience and I've learned so much about governance, democracy, representation, history, te tiriti partners, engaged and disengaged community members, the economy, ethical behaviour, climate change, political strategies, the list goes on.

Today, 5 August 2022 I submitted my nomination forms for the election - to be decided by 8 October.

There are heaps of reforms happening and I'm keen to contribute to their unfolding, as well as double down on all the great ideas I've come across in the past 3 years, but my main focus areas are still to respond to climate change, biodiversity loss and inequality. There are a whole lot of nuances in there, like moving faster to improve public transport and how to work with communities so they feel genuinely engaged.

I've also revamped the website and will share the announcement on social media so keep an eye out.... and please re-share with your friends telling them I'm the kind of person you might just like to have in local government who can help a Council make great decisions for our community and is always up for a chat on how to do that!

I would hugely value your support over the next little while in particular, check out how you can help on the support page and get in touch.


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